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All personnel are OSHA 10-hour trained.

All superintendents are OSHA 30-hour trained.

We participate with several Third Party contractor and supplier management companies to easily provide our customers with compliance information.

 Monarch Welding & Engineering takes an active role in partnering with local trade union to provide apprentice training, journeymen upgrade training, and onsite safety lessons.   


At Monarch Welding & Engineering, safety is a core value and necessary for the long term success of our company.  A safe environment not only ensures a positive quality of life but also drives efficiency.  Everyone at our company is responsible for safety performance.  To achieve "Zero Accidents", our safety program is behavior based to measure as risk actions through real time observations - not reactionary after an accident occurs.

We take pride in our continued effort to achieve a high level of safety performance.  These efforts require clear communication, supported by the following:






3 Year Average EMR Rate


  • We have developed, continue to update, and train employees to our Safety Manual, which identifies procedures and safe work practices that meet or exceed MIOSHA and OSHA standards.  In addition, all personnel are OSHA 10-hour trained, and all superintendents are OSHA 30-hour trained

  • Maintaining our Proactive Safety Program takes effort: 

    • Prior to a start of a program: A Pre-Job Line Up Meeting is performed with all affected employees and any specific job-specific training is performed.  

    • Prior to each shift: A Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is reviewed with each crew member to identify potential hazards that may be encountered.  In addition, random employee observations are performed.

    • Weekly: Tool Box Safety Meetings are performed to discuss pertinent safety topics that are applicable to the specific job site.

    • Monthly: Company managers meet to review company safety performance and  lessons learned.

    • Annually: All full-time employees participate in a company-wide safety meeting to discuss previous safety performance, lessons learned and reaffirm safety expectations.

  • Monarch Welding & Engineering employs professional engineers to organize, design, and monitor critical rigging, lifting devices, and lift plans.  They design personnel tie-off attachments and ventilation systems to mitigate potential hazardous fumes.

"Safety is a core competency that protects our employees and allows us to provide efficient service." - Frank Wimmer, Vice President